iTheorie Online

iTheorie Online offers you a very user friendly learning system to practice and test your theoretical knowledge for the driving license.

With iTheorie you can prepare yourself to your theoretical driving exam.

In order to use iTheorie Online you must first register. The registration is for free. We offer you 50 credits so that you can test iTheorie Online. Click on the "Register" icon.


With the learn mode you can practice in a more targeted way, in categories. You can decide for yourself which categories you still need to brush up on.


If for instance you choose the category "Right of way", you can practice the rules of right of way. Now you must decide which one of the answer/s is/are correct by shifting the button, at the left of the question, from "wrong" to "right". In the example question you have decided that "I have the right of way before the tram" was the correct answer.


Click on "Correct" to check if you were right.


In this example you can see at a glance that your answer was wrong. iTheorie Online will encircle your wrong answers in red, the correct ones in green. This is how iTheorie Online will actively help you to answer correctly at your exam.

You can now go on answering questions by clicking "Continue". The indicator in the top right corner of the page "1/25" shows you how many questions you have answered and how many questions the series contains.

If you feel like you know the category well enough, you can always change to another one by clicking on "Menu".

With iTheorie Online you can also always check your acquired knowledge by compiling a new test.

Neuer Test

You will then receive a series of questions that you will have to answer within the given time. In the example question below, you can see that this is the first of 10 qestions and that you have 7 minutes and 47 seconds to answer the 10 questions.

Testfrage 1

As soon as you have done the test, your result will be saved with the date and the time you needed. You can access these at any time and take a look at the questions again.


A green check means that you have answered correctly, a red "x" means that the answer is wrong.

iTheorie Online also indicates your progress at any point, by means of a graph that shows the results of your tests.

Graph Fortschritt

In this example you can see that you have passed two pretty good tests on the 12.09.10. In you last test though, on the 16.09.10, you only managed to answer every third question correctly.

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