How does the correction system work?

CORRECT: This answer is correct and you selected it correctly.
CORRECT: This answer is wrong, which is why you didn’t select it.
INCORRECT: This answer is correct, but unfortunately you forgot to select it.
INCORRECT: This answer is incorrect, but you selected it as a correct answer.

The correct answers seem to contradict each other (or ‚everything turns green’)?

Please read the help carefully. The way in which the correct answers are displayed is logical; maybe you need to read the question again (also have a look at the explanation).

I am getting the same questions with different answers. What’s going on?

During an upload or an update, in rare occasions problems may occur. In this case, please delete the application and download it again. Should you still encounter problems, please call: 061 385 55 55.

I can hardly recognise the images; can I zoom?

If you have trouble seeing the pictures, please rotate your Device and the image will fill up your display.

What languages does the application support?

iTheory exists in German, English, French and Italian. If your Device is configured in a different language, the application will automatically appear in German. In the options of your Device, you may set the language to the one you wish to work with on iTheory.

I have found an error with regards to the content or a typo. What shall I do?

Click on the PROBLEM button. An email window will pop up, in which you can describe the error. It will then be sent to us. We thank you for your help and will answer all received emails.

How is the score calculated?

The result is based on the length of the test, the number of correct answers and the time used.

Why are these not the same images as in the theory books?

Since the images are protected by the asa, we had to redraw them. Our images show the same content, but in a more memorable way thanks to their schematic illustration.

Will there be other questions at the test?

We do provide you with the latest set of questions. However, asa might complete their form with additional questions. We do our best to keep the questions up-to-date, but cannot guarantee it at all times.

I am not happy with this application. What do I do?

Please contact us via the PROBLEM button, which you will find on every question, or send us an email at: info@itheorie.ch and send us your opinion. We will contact you asap and try to find a solution. Please review us after we have tried solving the problem.